Manipur Refugee Emergency Fund

Violent anti-Christian tribal warfare has erupted in the Indian state of Manipur – where we have three Homes of Hope.  Our children and other refugees who are living in squalid camps need our immediate help.

We can only imagine the depth of fear as people are randomly killed and homes are looted and torched.

“Ethnic cleansing” and “persecution of Christians” are no longer distant terms happening in another time, to someone else.

Our sisters, our children, our Homes of Hope communities are today’s innocent victims.

I am asking for your donations to the Manipur Refugee Emergency Fund so we can help these suffering people. Please hit “Donate an amount of your choosing” at the bottom of the donate page to let us know you would like to contribute to this cause.

As always, thank you for all that you do.

Paul Wilkes

Executive Director

Homes of Hope India

Help Build Home of Hope #30!


 Together We Lift Girls Out of Poverty

A Transformative Home for Teenage Girls Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Ready to Change Lives!

The Situation:

  • Teenage girls poorly educated or with no education at all.
  • Told they were a “mistake” in families where male children are desired.
  • In male-dominated society, they are told they amount to nothing.
  • With little self-confidence they feel they have no control over their lives.
  • At a critical point in their young lives. No second chances in India.

Without Your Help:

  • Girls will be either pregnant or vowed, usually to any man who the parents think can support her.
  • High level of helplessness, depression, alcohol abuse
  • Suicide is sometime seen as the only way out.
  • Some fall victims to sex trafficker promises, lured into prostitution.
  • Life of field labour or indentured servitude is all they see.

The Solution:

  • Uplift poor and needy teenage girls through education.
  • Offer top notch skill training and equip them for jobs.
  • Ensure job placement.
  • Instil self-confidence.
  • Instil the knowledge that the girls have control over their lives.
  • Prevent early pregnancies and marriages
  • Develop “change makers” who have succeeded.

Anjali Devi shows what our training programme can do.

She once lived in the slums, doing domestic work.

Now she works in IT for an insurance company.

We Need Your Help! Many More Girls Like Her 

But we can do it, we always do!

Give from the heart to give these girls the chance they deserve.

“We know that our donations make a real and lasting difference to our girls in India. We see it in their faces and in their accomplishments. We really do feel like they are our girls…and we feel proud and humbled by their enthusiastic appreciation.”
Paula Zabkar and Renee Wells – North Carolina