Let’s Build Home of Hope


At Veo, Arunachal Pradesh, India


Together We Lift Girls Out of Poverty

From Franciscan Clarist Sister Alphi, on site at Veo

I pray you may consider my humble request. Seeing the condition of the
girl children in our area I feel a great concern to care for and educate them.
Otherwise, they become victims of many evil practices like child marriage,
sexual abuse and become addicted to drugs out of desperation. Here men
have the practice of taking young girls as their second wife. They will be no
more than slaves if we do not rescue them. I want a better life for them.
Please help us build a proper home for our girls.

The Situation:

  • Girls are told they were a “mistake” in families where male children are desired.
  • In male-dominated society, they won’t go to school.
  • With little self-confidence they feel they have no control over their lives.
  •  Now at a critical point in their young lives. There are nno second chances in India.

Without Your Help:

  • Girls will be either pregnant or vowed, usually to any man who the parents think
    can support her.
  •  High level of helplessness, depression, alcohol abuse
  •  Suicide is sometime seen as the only way out.
  • Some fall victims to sex trafficker promises, lured into prostitution.
  •  A life of field labour or indentured servitude is all they see.

The Solution:

  •  Build a new home.
  •  Send them to school.
  •  Instill self-confidence.
  •  Show girls they can have control over their lives.
  •  Prevent early pregnancies and marriages.
  •  Develop young “change makers” in their patriarchal villages.

The Girls at Veo

(Note: no benches — they can’t even sit for meals)
Need Your Help

Please donate today.

“We know that our donations make a real and lasting difference to our girls in India. We see it in their faces and in their accomplishments. We really do feel like they are our girls…and we feel proud and humbled by their enthusiastic appreciation.”
Paula Zabkar and Renee Wells – North Carolina