About Us


Simply put: Homes of Hope India-US is transforming the lives of orphaned, abandoned and neglected girls throughout South and North India.

What Homes of Hope India Does

Homes of Hope India-US, a 501c3 registered charity, works in 54 orphanages, schools, junior colleges and social empowerment centres throughout India to:


Since its founding in 2006, with the generous help of concerned people, foundations, corporations and charitable groups around the world, Homes of Hope has rescued and provided a safe home for over 400 orphaned and neglected girls, and supported education for over 20,000 poor children. In addition we have been the hub to give hope and support to thousands of destitute single mothers so that they might escape a life of poverty and spousal abuse. While India is experiencing an economic boom, the poor have benefited little and the plight of girls is just as precarious – for orphan girls, even worse.  These are society’s castoffs. Without a proper home and education, the future for such marginalized girls and young women is grim.  Prostitution, begging, rag-picking, farm labor and other unskilled jobs are the usual options. Swathi is a perfect example of the kind of child we help.  She came to us in rags, sickly, undernourished.  Today she is a thriving sixth grader, with a bright future before her.




Our partners in India are the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco, Roman Catholic nuns who have been serving and living with the poor since 1922.  We work within their infrastructure of orphanages, schools, and community empowerment centres as this is the most effective way to effect change and utilize resources. This video shows “A Chance for a New Life” and the conditions we found before we built our #2 orphanage at Secunderabad.  Please step inside for a visit.


Homes of Hope has an active 12-member board representing both the public and private sector, including such major corporations as Microsoft as well as private businesses, civic organizations and universities. The Board includes teachers, physicians, educators, media experts – all of whom contribute policy-making and financial management skills to our organization.  We partner with Microsoft, Unilever, Infosys, DaVita, AXA Financial, PPD, Rotary International, Water Hope and many other foundations and corporate and civic organizations.