Help Poor Village Girls

Train to be Nurses!


 Together We Will Build Our Biggest Home of Hope Yet

Talk about a transformation: Home of Hope #29 is just that!

Both these girls were born to grinding poverty in a poor Indian village.  One girl will never leave that village.  She will be traded for a cow to support the family, or married as a teenager and have more children than she can care for.  She will do back-breaking labor (current pay: $3 a day) for the rest of her life.

The other girl – with your help – will become a nurse.  Your donation will build the Holy Spirit Nurse Hostel in Haflong, Assam, India.  We will educate hundreds of girls just like her. Because of you she will have a career and the skills to heal.  She will break the cycle of poverty.

Rural villages hold no future for girls and young women except:

  • Early marriage, multiple pregnancies
  • Hopelessness, depression, drug and alcohol abuse
  • Physical and mental abuse

When we build the Holy Cross Nursing College Hostel, girls will:

  • Escape patriarchal villages that keep them enslaved
  • Be admitted to three year curriculum leading to BS in nursing
  • Study in up to date classrooms with access to modern clinical training
  • Have a bright future; a chance to chart their own life

We Need Your Help as Never Before

This hostel carries a hefty price tag: $1,000,000. 

But we can do it, we always do!

Give from the heart to give these girls the chance they deserve.

“We know that our donations make a real and lasting difference to our girls in India. We see it in their faces and in their accomplishments. We really do feel like they are our girls…and we feel proud and humbled by their enthusiastic appreciation.”
Paula Zabkar and Renee Wells – North Carolina