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Build An Orphanage

Help Build an HIV/AIDS Orphanage in India

A challenging new chapter opens for Homes of Hope as we build an orphanage for HIV/AIDS orphans. With your help we will reach across the oceans to some of the world’s most vulnerable children. In Dimapur, Nagaland, our #9 orphanage will house children afflicted or infected with HIV/AIDS who are now in a temporary, inadequate shelter.

HIV Orphans in India

The state of Nagaland has one of the highest prevalence rates of HIV/AIDS infection in India. 1 in 113 people in the state are afflicted.

Dimapur Map

Many of these girls were shunned and homeless. This is the only registered orphanage in the region providing medical care for these precious, vulnerable children. When this dorm became unsuitable, children began sleeping in another crowded, inadequate shelter. It is unsuitable and the girls are crowded into a room in an adjoining building. This is the situation in which I found them. Without any means to build, the Carmelite sisters who started the home can only provide safe shelter with our support.

When I visited Dimapur in January, 2017, I found a group of young girls, from 6 to 17 years old, who were doing the best they could under adverse conditions.  Their washing area was unsanitary and crowded, their dormitory, bed-to-bed.  But, with the loving care of the Carmelite sisters, they face the future with a positive outlook.

When I told the girls that Homes of Hope would help to build them a new home, you can just imagine their excitement.  Seeing their bravery, I wanted to do everything I could to make their lives better.

“We know that our donations make a real and lasting difference to our girls in India. We see it in their faces and in their accomplishments. We really do feel like they are our girls…and we feel proud and humbled by their enthusiastic appreciation.”
Paula Zabkar and Renee Wells – North Carolina

One Girl at Dimapur:

One of the children who recently arrived at Dimapur is a 12 year-old girl. After losing both of her parents to HIV/AIDS, the child, also infected, was placed in the care of her uncle. She was kept in a separate room from the rest of the family, fed separately and poorly, and ultimately rejected. Soon, a simple sore on her head became a life-threatening infection.

When she arrived at the Dimapur shelter, the Sisters began with simple hygiene–bathing her and washing her hair. Beneath her hair, they found more than 50 maggots on her untreated wound.

After weeks of care and treatment with antibiotics and daily dressing her wound, nourishment, attention and care, she is a happy, enthusiastic child attending school in the 5th standard.

This is just one of the dramatic stories of the children of Dimapur. Let us help them rewrite their stories–with safe housing, education, and loving care.

The Girls of Dimapur
From Paul Wilkes,
Homes of Hope Founder:
Dimapur marks a new and exciting chapter for Homes of Hope – providing a safe and dignified home for the most marginalized children in India.
With your help, a new Home of Hope (our 9th orphanage) will soon rise in Dimapur, a symbol of love and compassion, a testament to your generosity.