The Future

The future for Homes of Hope is bright and brimming with great possibilities. 

With many years of experience behind us, we see even more clearly what we need to do.  And that breaks down into two categories:

  • Buildings/Resources
  • Education Initiatives


”We must build orphanages for endangered girls, the street children of India, who beg each day to survive – and often are the prime target of the vicious sex traffickers who prey upon these precious innocents. If you were to come with me to India, especially to the railroad stations, you would see these girls.  In torn clothing, they beg, hundreds of them, and sadly most of their money goes to the “beggar mafia” or to unscrupulous adults, who use these girls to support their own drug or alcohol habits. Homes of Hope, with the help of our good people, will build safe homes for these girls where they can receive the love every child deserves and a good education so they can go on to live productive lives. Sadly some of these young girls are forced to become prostitutes; we do not want a single one lost to such a horrible life.”

–Paul Wilkes, Executive Director

Education Initiatives

For a poor child in India, the only path out of poverty is education.  That is why, in the years ahead, we are placing a special emphasis on upgrading our 30 schools.  We have already begun by sending some 450 computers and LCD projectors to India, 450,000 books, providing clean water for every school as well as funding language labs, SmartBoards, and educational software in addition to 275 scholarships for college, grade and high school students We will become even more pro-active with our “Thinking Schools Academy” project, led by Dr. David Paige of Bellarmine University’s education department.

“Thinking Schools” is based on the premise that the key to better education is better training of teachers.  We will be working with our teachers to develop higher level and critical thinking skills in our students.  This will prepare them for the 21st workplace that demands a high level of problem-solving and teamwork.

Learn more about the Thinking Schools Academy.