Our Videos

Videos that tell the Homes of Hope story


1)    A Certain Smile (5:24)

Meet Reena, the little girl who was purposely blinded to make her a “better beggar.” It was her warm smile that launched Homes of Hope India.


2)    You Are The Difference (2:43)

The powerful video that shows the horrific plight of orphaned and abandoned girls in India…and how Homes of Hope is changing their lives.


3)    A Miracle Unfolding  (12:04)

Homes of Hope is transforming the lives of the orphan girls of India.  See Homes of Hope in action in this video that gives a complete picture of our work.


4)    A Chance for a New Life (4:37)

Come, walk with us through the slums of Secunderabad, India and see the horrible conditions the girls of the streets were facing….before we built our orphanage there.


5)    A Visit to Home of Hope (6:24)

Our original video, giving a wonderful picture of life inside our first orphanage in Kochi, India.


6)    From the Street to Safety: A Day in the Life of Orphan Girls at Homes of Hope (photos)  (8:58)

This eloquent photo essay by Arrow Ross takes you right into our orphanages as you go through a typical day in the life of our girls.


7)    My Name Uncle: American Surfers Take Orphan Girls Surfing (28:07)

My Name Uncle | Surfing in India from Matt Batchelor on Vimeo.

Come along on a “surfing safari” as American surfers take our orphan girls to the ocean for the adventure of a lifetime.